Interoperability Remedies Community Group

This is the home page of the W3C Interoperability Remedies Community Group.1


We’re just getting started; see our charter. Come back soon for more.

Who Should Participate

We think that the following sorts of people will be able to effectively contribute to this work:

Others are, of course, welcome to join.

How to Participate

  1. Join the community group here. You will need a free W3C account; paid W3C Membership is not required.

  2. Then, subscribe to the mailing list to keep up-to-date with announcements and decisions.

We also have a Github organisation where most of our work will likely take place, but since we’re just starting, it’s not very active yet.

We’ll be scheduling our first meeting soon.

  1. The W3C is the international standards body responsible for the Web. ‘Community Groups’ (also known as ‘CGs’) are less formal gatherings of interested parties to work on a common goal; they do not produce standards (‘Recommendations’ in W3C-speak), nor do they necessarily represent consensus of the entire W3C. See also the CG’s page at the W3C